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Custom WP and Custom FM were formulated for biological wastewater treatment plants and has proven success in:

Reduce Wastewater odor

Startup of new systems

Recovery of upset systems

Improving plant stability

Improving reduction of specific chemicals, like hydrocarbons

Improving efficiency in reduction of BOD and COD

Stabilizing the BOD and COD ratio

Improving systems that are over capacity

Improving systems that are under aerated

Improving fats, oils and grease pre-treatment and digestion

Improving cold weather performance

Improving hot water performance

Improving solids settling

Improving Clarity

Reducing sludge production

Reducing Odor - Stop Wastewater odor fast!

Waste Water Treatment does not have to stink.   Since odor is very subjective, it is very difficult to say that our products will eliminate the odor.  We can say, with confidence, that we will significantly reduce the smell generated in your treatment plant. Stop Wastewater odor today!

Our Guarantee:    Try our products for 30, 60 or 90 days.   If we cannot solve your wastewater odor problem to your satisfaction, we will refund your money.   (minus shipping charges)


1    Download the waste water questionnaire

2    Fill out the information and email it

3    We will ask follow up questions, or send detailed

        application instructions and a detailed price quote

4    Send payment, or send a qualified PO

5    Receive the product, and apply as directed!

6    REDUCE the odor quickly and conveniently.

This site is targeted to domestic wastewater treatment engineers, sewage treatment professionals, and sewer system authorities.  Sewer odor, wastewater odor, odor in the aerobic digester, odor in the sludge, odor in the mud, odor in the clarifier, lift station odor, manhole odor, sewer gas, WWTP operation odor, and other wastewater odors can be reduced.    Please let us show you how!  We are confident that Bioaugmentation, the addition of laboratory grown bacteria, is the most effective wastewater bioremediation method.   Bioaugmentation of wastewater is also effective at reducing hydrocarbon impact, reducing BOD, reducing COD and stabilizing the treatment process.